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Schofield & Sims Get Set Early Years is a comprehensive and engaging early years scheme that aims to bridge the gap between play and formal learning, helping all children to become school-ready by the end of Reception. Comprising twelve activity books and three accompanying teacher?s guides, Get Set Early Years covers all the Early Learning Goals (ELGs) for Literacy, Mathematics and Understanding the world.

Each activity book provides: exciting and motivating activities to support classroom teaching; friendly illustrations to inspire conversation and encourage mark-making; key vocabulary for each topic area; and notes and tips for parents and carers.

Get Set: Phonics?develops children?s understanding of phonics, exploring the idea that a group of letters can make a single sound. Following the structure of?Letters and Sounds, this book guides young learners through the initial digraphs and trigraphs, from ?ff? as in ?huff? to ?ure? as in ?sure?, as well as introducing high-frequency and tricky words.

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