Chelis Book Club (CBC) is a fantastic club programme designed by Chelis Bookazine Ltd. to help children develop a lifelong love for books and reading from childhood.

CBC actively inspires parents in providing their children with strong substructure for long standing literacy and success in both formal and informal Education.

CBC focuses on active, rather than passive reading; on the children establishing connections with the thousands of high quality educational fiction and non-fiction story books available through the CBC, leading to their creating ideas through their imaginations.

The emphasis is on the children grasping the importance of reading and being understood as they convey their connections during interactions.

This fact helps students relish what they read because the priority is not on them understanding something to get a comprehension question correct, instead develop the love for reading.

There is less stress to have “the right” ideas or answers!


Children start to read more and focus inside themselves for ideas and begin to convey them as they flow naturally.

As books present children with both the opportunity to reflect about the larger world, improve on vocabularies they know and learn new vocabularies, CBC aims at incorporating the spirit of openness and compassion, a desire to think and converse, and the opportunity to assimilate the relationship between the book, themselves, their cultures, and the world.


Children can choose from an amazing range of books covering different genres, such as:

Traditional Literature.

Nursery Rhymes.


Fairy Tales.

Science Fiction.

Realistic Fiction.

Historical Fiction.




Sports Stories.




Importance of CBC:

Children learn to read more when you let them choose the books they read.

Children become better writers when they discuss what they read.

Children enjoy reading when they choose what they read and discuss it with peers.

When you let kids choose what they read, they become empowered.

It helps children to appreciate other cultures.

It improves children’s communication skills, teaching them to listen to different points of view and different ways of expression, as well as “discuss and disagree.”

For those shy of public speaking, CBC is a great way whereby kids start practicing expressing their opinions to an audience or summarising information and presenting it in a coherent and engaging way.

It is a wonderful breeding ground for ideas as well as provide the motivation for students to pen their own literary masterpiece.

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