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Dork Diaries is a series of books, peeking inside the diary of a young lass Nikki Maxwell and the parodies of her school life. Dear Dork: 5 (Dork Diaries) is the fifth book in this series. All the books in the series tell tales about Nikki?s different episodes of her daily life at the middle school. Starting with the first series from the day she enters her new private school, they go on to narrate her experiences with her friends and foes further. These stories are fun and entertaining, and they have a complete gist of all the teenage stuff such as middle school issues, dealing with the mistakes, crushes, BFFs, bullies and so on, which are a part of a typical teenager?s life. This 5th series of the Dork Diaries is titled as Tales From A Not-So-Smart Miss Know-It-All. It tells the tale of Nikki joining as an advice columnist in the school newspaper, Miss Know-It-All. Nikki?s intention behind this job is to keep an eye on her rival Mackenzie, who starts a gossip column for the school newspaper. Mackenzie is aware of Nikki?s secret crush on Brandon, and she blackmails Nikki to reveal it in return for an invitation to Brandon?s birthday party. Though Nikki?s job starts as a fun, she soon finds that her inbox is overloaded with mails and she is too busy to answer them. The book Dear Dork: 5 (Dork Diaries) is written by Rachel Renee Russell and published by Simon & Schuster Children?s Books in 2012. It is available in paperback. Key Features: The series under the Dock Diaries is very popular in United States, and these books have been placed on New York Times Bestsellers list. More than 10 million copies of these books have been sold in US alone, and translated into 30 languages worldwide

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