Books for preschool and primary school children aged 0-11

Reading in the primary age range

The primary age range is one that encompasses a significant amount of child development, particularly regarding reading and literacy. At the beginning of the key stage, some readers will be reliant on sight vocabulary and developing their phonetic ability to sound words out. But by the end of the key stage in year six, many youngsters will be picking challenging chapter books and using high-quality non-fiction for research and to develop arguments. In terms of writing, pupils will start with short sentences and teacher-led starters, but by the age of 11 might be writing, reading and performing their own speeches, presentations and debates.

The importance of reading for pleasure in primary education

Reading underpins all of this, and the confidence gained by choosing from a wide range of rich material and genres from a school library, or a collection of books at home, will define a child’s approach to and enthusiasm for education.

Reading for pleasure is key to maintaining a child’s appetite for books, learning and improving reading ability. Learners who are immersed in a ‘reading for pleasure’ culture from an early age are far more likely to transition to secondary school with a bedrock of literacy ability and enquiring minds.

Our primary school reading lists

Our lists are compiled by a team of 30 primary school teachers and librarians who, combined, have over 400 years of professional experience in the 3-11 age range in a variety of school and educational settings across the country. We choose a diverse, interesting, and approachable selection of books that have received positive feedback in classrooms and book groups. Each year group list includes a variety of styles, genres, and formats to appeal to readers of all reading abilities. To include less confident readers, the contemporary and classic titles include illustrated, graphic, short chapter, and large format books to easily facilitate shared reading with siblings, parents, grandparents or small groups.

Each of our primary year group book lists is easy to use in parent-teacher conferences, assemblies, or staff meetings, as well as a downloadable screen wallpaper poster for classroom computers, whiteboards, wallboards, or interactive displays. Each year group list is also available as a 40-book set, and schools can order class sets of specific titles via a button at the bottom of each page that links to our website on Chelis Bookazine.

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