The Jolly Phonics Children’s Club (JPCC) is a fantastic Literacy Club developed and powered by Chelis Bookazine Ltd. to enhance children’s literacy acquisition skills alongside the Jolly Phonics programme. It is a club designed for children aged 2 to 10 that actively promotes children’s literacy development in preparation for their future learning and living. The Jolly Phonics Children’s Club majorly focuses on outside – class room literacy activities that develop the children’s phonemic awareness, and skills in Phonics, Grammar, Spelling, Punctuation, Comprehension, Composition, Creative writing, Vocabulary building, etc. It is multi-sensory, creative, and child-centered and stress free for the children, the teachers and the parents.


The club activities make learning fun and easy for children outside the rigidity of the classroom setting.

The JPCC reinforces children’s classroom learning and help to build the solid literacy foundation that the children would need for all their future learning and living in the real world.


Lots of fun activities that reinforce phonemic awareness, promotes skills in Grammar, Spelling, Punctuation, Comprehension, Composition, Vocabulary building, Creative writing, etc.

Children make new friends in healthy environments.

Children become versatile with the Jolly Phonics and Jolly Grammar teaching approaches.

The JPCC club reinforces children’s classroom learning in a more relaxed and fun environment.

Children are exposed to great educational programmes.

The JPCC encourages parental involvement in children’s educational activities.

Through the JPCC, parents get more involved in their children’s schools.

Children’s parents get and stay updated in current literacy developments.

The JPCC fosters community involvement in children’s learning and school efforts by enlisting the involvement of other sectors of the economy.

Through performance of different varied literacy activities, children develop self – confidence, social skills, Grace, leadership skills, team spirit, good values, etc.

Children win lots of prizes for themselves and for their schools too!

The JPCC magazine celebrates the children and their schools.

The JPCC magazine is distributed free of charge to all JPCC members.



Any child from age 2 to 10 is eligible to join.

Simply complete the registration form, attach a recent passport photograph and submit to:




The Jolly Phonics Children’s Club


Chelis Bookazine Ltd

Plot 12 Johnson Street, Off Bode Thomas

Road, Suru-Lere, Lagos. Nigeria.


For more information, call 09030096733 

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