Chelis Bookazine Limited offers top quality educational books and services throughout Nigeria and West Africa sub region.
Our customers include Nursery schools, primary schools, Secondary schools, Colleges, Gorvenmental bodies, Booksellers, Departmental stores, Gift Shops, Organisations, Parents and anyone passionate about good education for Nigerian children.

1Abu Mutali International SchoolsKADUNA
2Adeyemo CollegeKADUNA
3Aileon SchoolKADUNA
4Aisha MuazKaduna
5Al- Amanah AcademyKADUNA
6Al- Bidayatul Jameela SchoolKADUNA
7Al- Itquaan AcademyKADUNA
8Al-Bameen AcademyKADUNA
9Al-Bayyinah Islamic AcademyKADUNA
10Al-Bidayaful JimeelahKaduna
11Albishir Orchardkaduna
12Al-Manar AcademyKADUNA
13Alpha SchoolsKADUNA
14Anchor Kiddies SchoolKADUNA
15Betty Queen Int'l SchoolKADUNA
16Christ The Redeemer Int'l SchoolKADUNA
17City AcademyKADUNA
18Commence SchoolKADUNA
19Darul Huda Foundation/ Tafiz SchoolKADUNA
20De- Havilla Int'l SchoolKADUNA
21Destiny CollegeKADUNA
22El-Bihajoh AcademyKADUNA
23First Step SchoolKADUNA
24French International SchoolKaduna
25Future Leader's Int'l SchoolKADUNA
26Godshield Private schoolKADUNA
27Gracey Private SchoolsKADUNA
28Hakda Int'l SchoolKADUNA
29Hamdaan AcademyKADUNA
30Honeyfield Int'l SchoolKADUNA
31Imperial SchoolKADUNA
32Jamal SchoolKADUNA
33Jethro Int'l School Kaduna
34Kad AcademyKADUNA
35Lamour AcademyKADUNA
36Legacy SchoolKADUNA
37Little Scholars SchoolsKaduna
38Lukeman Foundation SchoolKADUNA
39Mariam AcademyKADUNA
40Mary Travis SchoolKADUNA
41MLF French Int'l SchoolKADUNA
42Niche Int'l SchoolKADUNA
43Nobles Int'l SchoolKADUNA
44Overcomers SchoolKADUNA
45Panaf SchoolsKADUNA
46Radiant Future SchoolKADUNA
47Rhoda AcademyKaduna
48Rising Star Int'l SchoolKADUNA
49Royal Palm Int'l SchoolKADUNA
50Sacred Heart Primary SchoolKADUNA
51School SenseKADUNA
52Smiles & Five Hearts SchoolKADUNA
53Solid Foundation SchoolKADUNA
54The Cavendish SchoolKADUNA
55The Kindle SchoolKADUNA
56Universal AcademyKADUNA
57Usra AcademyKaduna
58Zabib Nursery and Primary SchoolKADUNA